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Photo Galleries from WUOC TOUR - Krzysztof Lewandowski, UOL.

If somebody wants to maps of the Day 3, whether to send mail to the address johana.otrubova@email.cz.

Lost and Found - black hoodie, black dress shoes, moira purple shirt with long sleeves.

WUOC TOUR Results - Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Overall after Day 4

Start lists for WUOC TOUR Day 4. Attention, start the day 4 will be 14:30.

Steam train to Nectava doesn't go due to technical reasons. We apologize.

Results of Grand Prix of Kromeriz.

Start lists for WUOC TOUR 2014 - Category, Clubs.

Start lists for Grand Prix of Kromeriz - Category, Clubs.

Technical Information - WUOC TOUR 2014, Grand Prix of Kromeriz.

Maps with information about the arrival, parking, way to the event center. - Kromeriz, Day 2 - Sv. Kopecek.

List of registered competitors WUOC TOUR 2014 and Grand Prix Kromeriz.

Payments received on June 8, 2014.

Start times all races of WUOC TOUR 2014 and Grand Prix Kromeriz.

Photos of the terrain (Nectava, Protivanov)

Services for competitors– the latest news

Payment details


Bulletins for 4 Days Orienteering Competition and Grand Prix of Kromeriz in Sprint Orienteering.