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7. 10. 2014 - CAMPUS Sport TV Show – Documentary about WUOC 2014
The 27th edition of Campus, TV show produced in cooperation of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the Eurosport, starts with a fourteen minutes documentary devoted to the 19th World University Orienteering Championships 2014 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Come back to August 2014 for a while and enjoy once again the best moments of the academic championships.

18. 8. 2014 - Czech Television will broadcast Highlights of WUOC 2014 Thursday, 21st August, 2014 at 13:30.

17. 8. 2014 - The best national university team of WUOC 2014 is.. Switzerland!

16. 8. 2014 - Swedish relay double
The Swedish day closed the 19th World University Orienteering Championships 2014 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The Swedes won the gold in relay both amongst women and men. Lilian Forsgren, Helena Karlsson and Lina Strand dominated the race ahead of the Czech Republic and Finland. Also in the category of men, the trio Rassmus Andersson, Albin Ridefelt and Oskar Sjöberg won the race ahead of the Czech team. Switzerland finished third. Results, Press release

15. 8. 2014 - TOM DAY 5, Q+A DAY 5.

15. 8. 2014 - Closing ceremony will be held after the relay race in Protivanov
The 19th World University Orienteering Championships 2014 will officially be closed on Saturday immediately after the relay race in Protivanov. The ceremony will start at 13:00 at the competition venue. Lunch for competitors will be served at 12:00 and buses will then take them to the event centre in Olomouc. Organisers apologize for this inconvenience. Good luck tomorrow!

15. 8. 2014 - Middle distance for Sarina Jenzer and Albin Ridefelt
Switzerland continues to be the most successful country so far. Sarina Jenzer won the gold in today’s middle distance race in Protivanov ahead of Iveta Šístková from the Czech Republic. Gøril Rønning Sund from Norway and Lea Vercellotti from France secured the joint third place. The Swede Albin Ridefelt was the fastest runner in men’s class winning the gold ahead of Lucas Basset from France and the Czech Jan Petržela. Tomorrow’s relay is the last competition of this Championships. Results, Press release

14. 8. 2014 - TOM DAY 4, Q+A DAY 4.

14. 8. 2014 - Karolin Ohlsson, Martin Hubmann and Matthias Kyburz fastest in Svatý Kopeček
Sprint distance race was held in the surroundings of the basilica in Svatý Kopeček. Karolin Ohlsson from Sweden was the fastest woman winning the gold medal ahead of Anastasia Denisova from Belarus and Elena Roos from Switzerland. Amongst men, not even the electric eye was able to resolve the fight for the first place. Two Swiss, Martin Hubmann and Matthias Kyburz won the gold with the Frenchman Frédérick Tranchand finishing third. Results, Press release

13. 8. 2014 - TOM DAY 3, Q+A DAY 3.

13. 8. 2014 - Gøril Rønning Sund and Frédérick Tranchand dominated the long distance race
Gøril Rønning Sund won the gold medal in today`s long distance race in Nectavské údolí. The Norwegian dominated the course ahead of Bettina Aebi from Switzerland. Jana Knapová from the Czech Republic won the second bronze medal for the home country. Frédérick Tranchand from France was the fastest man in today`s race. He won the gold ahead of two Swiss brothers. Matthias Kyburz lost 109 seconds to the Frenchman and secured the silver medal. Andreas Kyburz managed to get the bronze. Results, Press release

13. 8. 2014 - The 19th World University Orienteering Championships 2014 is supported by MP lesy.

12. 8. 2014 - TOM DAY 2, Q+A DAY 2.

12. 8. 2014 - Switzerland wins the sprint mixed relay
The Swiss university team composed of Sarina Jenzer, Martin Hubmann, Julia Gross and Matthias Kyburz won the gold medal in the sprint mixed relay, the first race of the 19th World University Orienteering Championships 2014. In Kroměříž, Sweden managed to win the silver medal. The Czech Republic competing on the home ground won the fight for the bronze medal ahead of France, Norway and Russia. Results, Press release

11. 8. 2014 - University Championships open
In the evening of 11th August, the 19th World University Orienteering Championships 2014 in Olomouc was officially declared open in the old Theresian Armoury. Press release

11. 8. 2014 - TOM DAY 1, Q+A DAY 1.

11. 8. 2014 - Press conference at the University
On Monday, the day of the opening ceremony of the 19th World University Orienteering Championships, the press conference was organised by the representatives of the Palacký University in Olomouc. Member of the Executive Committee of FISU Verena Burk, Deputy of the President of the Olomouc region Alois Mačák, President of the Organising Committee of WUOC Dušan Vystavěl and two Czech national team members Vendula Horčičková and Vojtěch Král were answering journalist’s questions. The athletes shared their ambitions for the following competition.Lastly, the medals designed by the Czech biathlete Gabriela Soukalová were introduced.

10. 8. 2014 - Mayor’s cup filled with champagne by the Swedish
The last test race before the start of the 19th World University Orienteering Championships was dominated by the Swedes. Team composed of Helena Karlsson, Albin Ridefelt, Karolin Ohlsson and Oskar Sjöberg came first from the Prostějov Mayor’s Cup, a mixed sprint relay race which took place on Sunday afternoon. Second place goes to Switzerland, while the Swedish B-team secured the third position. The Championships oficially starts tomorrow with the opening ceremony, which will take place from 20:30 at the Old Armoury in Olomouc.

8. 8. 2014 - Information about Sprint relay test race.

8. 8. 2014 - FINAL BULLETIN has been published.

6. 8. 2014 - Entry system is available at http://wuoc2014.cz/teamleader. Teams will get their login and password in the event office. They can ask for it in advance and Eva will send it to them (so that they can submit their line-ups even before their arrival).

4. 8. 2014 - The latest information about WUOC CAMP 2014.

3. 8. 2014 - First teams arrived to the WUOC 2014 event center in Olomouc - Japan and New Zealand.

1. 8. 2014 - The transport details (manual) and the list of arrivals are available in the section "Informations". We ask coaches of teams to check the arrivals information. All changes, completion or inaccuracies please send to e-mail: office@wuoc2014.cz as soon as possible.

30. 7. 2014 - We ask coaches of teams to send by e-mail office@wuoc2014.cz information about the number of competitors with vegetarian or gluten-free diet. Thank you.

30. 7. 2014 - WUOC Courses parameters has been published.

30. 7. 2014 - Payments for starting fee and accommodation in cash can be made in the Event office in EUR and in CZK, exchange rate being 28 CZK/EUR. We ask all teams to send their invoicing address by e-mail to johana.otrubova@email.cz. It is no possibility to pay with Credit Card in the Event Office.

29. 7. 2014 - Big stars Øystein Kvaal Østerbø a Baptiste Rollier will participate WUOC TOUR 2014.

28. 7. 2014 - Organizers declassified GPS coordinates of arenas all races.

23. 7. 2014 - Medals have been completed. The first medal for the best runners of the 19th World University Orienteering Championships 2014 was minted in the company ZNAK Malá Skála in Železný Brod pursuant to the design of the Czech successful biathlete Gabriela Soukalová.

22. 7. 2014 - Trailer - Let's run the ZOO. Is it even possible to run from the University to the ZOO according to a map? Watch a video by our young runners – they managed to do so!

21. 7. 2014 - Special edition of running t-shirts WUOC 2014 is ready for distribution. If you are interested in ordering this running t-shirt in one out of six colours – hurry up! Deadline for ordering the t-shirt, so that we are able to prepare it by the start of the Championships, is July 28, 2014. You can order it here.

8. 7. 2014 - Newsletter No. 4 has been published.

24. 6. 2014 - Price for full service WUOC CAMP was established 55 EUR per person, per day.

17. 6. 2014 - Embargoed area for middle and relay has been reduced. Rest of these areas will be ready for model training.

28. 5. 2014 - World Champion Matthias Kyburz will participate in WUOC 2014
More than two months still remain till the start of WUOC 2014. At the moment, we already know that great names will come to Olomouc. Matthias Kyburz, the World Champion in sprint from 2012 and two-times overall winner of the World Cup will be the biggest favourite amongst men. The Swiss men team will be extremely strong. Other great runners, Martin Hubmann and Andreas Kyburz are also going to fight for the medals at WUOC 2014.

26. 5. 2014 - We kindly ask the following teams to fill the quantitative entry forms: Belarus, China, Ireland, Moldova, Norway, Ukraine, USA.

23. 5. 2014 - Newsletter 3 has been published.

18. 2. 2014 - Information about „FIVE CONTINENTS CHAMPIONSHIP – PROSTEJOV MAYOR´S CUP“ added. This test of Mixed Sprint Race will start on Sunday, August 10th from 15 o´clock.

12. 2. 2014 - Deadlines of Entries – CORRECTIONS!
According the WUC General Regulations (version 2014) we are correcting Entry Dates which were wrong described in Bulletin No.1. The right Deadlines are following:
February 12th – GENERAL ENTRY

10. 1. 2014 - First Teams entered for WUOC 2014! Since today, we know the first three teams that will participate in the Championships. The United Kingdom wins the gold medal, silver belongs to Ukraine and bronze to Finland. Congratulations!

10. 1. 2014 - Design of the medals revealed!
Apart from competing, the Czech Olympic hope and the actual leader of the Women`s Biathlon World Cup Gabriela Soukalová designs the medals for WUOC 2014. You can check the picture of Gabriela with the plaster model of the medals on our website.

23. 12. 2013 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014. Here is a little present for you - Preliminary Newsletter 2.

24. 9. 2013 - At the weekend, between 31st of August and 1st of September 2013, there was an inspection of WUOC 2014 Preparations. New article about was published on FISU web sites.

"Yes, one year to the start. The weather in Olomouc are very nice, sunny, temperature about 25 (Celsius). Hope that for Opening Ceremony next year will be the same weather :-)"

11. 8. 2013 - Inspection Visit of FISU WUC Executive Assistant Julien Buhajezuk,FISU Orienteering Technical Chair Ola Kaberg and IOF Event Advisor Juraj Petrinec is planned for the last Weekend in August (30.8.-1.9.2013).

10. 6. 2013 - New article about WUOC 2014 was published on IOF web sites.

1. 5. 2012 - You can see our Candidacy Bid.

1. 5. 2012 - First visit of FISU Technical Delegate (Adviser) Ola Kaberg from Sweden is planed for 15. - 17. 6. 2012.